Austin Texas Arte Land coming soon...
The ArtE Land Project.

The Arte Land Project in Austin Texas is a project to promote Art, Artists, Beauty and Nature.
Since 2010 the project was born, the idea much before.
The property where Arte Land is located has several creeks, gorgeous views and a beautiful waterfall.
Since 2010, Thousands of seeds have been planted (Most either eaten by wildlife or if born… eaten
by deer! ) Therefore, few large trees, a bunch of small trees and over 200 Miniature Forests have
been made to further reforest the Arte Land.
The project intent is to create a paradise for people and animals, a place where artists can exhibit
their works, make their works (Art Studios) and be inspired and concentrated by the surroundings.
For wildlife, to plant native trees and create improvements, including water collection systems, that will
provide food and water to all animals and species.
The Project will have seasonal events where visitors can buy the Art of the Artists, Art Classes,
Plants, Miniature Forest and even classes to create your own Miniature Forest, Ecosfere, o Miniature
Garden, perhaps, if allowed, make a short cut to walk to Jester King Brewery (One of the best beers
I have ever tried!) since they are our neighbors.
This project is at the beginning stages, and since 2010 all cost have been applied on a limited budget,
without any income until ARTE LAND will be open to the public, which by the limited funds, has also
delay the opening date and several projects within. Currently all has been Hand Made!
For this purpose we looking for sponsors and donations, and any income obtained from the sale of
Miniature Forest or Paintings to be sold, will be applied in its entirety (100%) to improve Arte Land.
For this purpose, at a MAXIMUM REDUTION ON PRICE a large painting project is born! Painting of
48” by 96” (Four feet by eight feet) are now been made and will be offered at $1500-$3000 Perfect
to go behind the large couch or king size beds. Great for any office or business.
As a plus, Artists who will create their Artworks at Arte Land in Austin Texas, will have also their Art
Works on Websites such as Arte.Land , AustinArte.Com , TexasArte.Com currently reserved and only
displaying Art for Sale where proceeds will be applied to Arte Land.
This beautiful property not only has creeks, it is only 18 Miles from the Capitol Building in Austin
Texas. The Area is Gorgeous, has distant views, beautiful trees, and extensive “Arte Land” Works.
A proposed Art Exhibit is schedule for late October this year.
Become sponsor and visit Arte Land.
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" The Famous Painting "