What to do with Juniper Ashei known as Cedar in Texas, welcome to Austin Texas arte Land where research is been made to turn Juniper Ashei into a Profitable Product
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" The Famous Painting "
Juniper Ashei, “CEDAR” A Texas invasive tree, many claim to cause allergies. Spreads fast in the Austin
Texas Area , most ranches dislike and even government has attempted to control.
The tree was brought as ornamental tree to Texas, yes, can be a gorgeous tree!, One time trim can forever
change the tree and make it gorgeous with time
The wood is great for post in fences, outlast Texas Weather, heat and water for decades. Perhaps the best
use, columns for Homes, the wood and effects are gorgeous,

So many of it, so fast grower, and with benefits, I have decided to make out of Juniper Ashei a Product for
Texas, therefore since around 1997 began projects and research, including as garden décor, garden
edge, tables, and more, in fact all I can think of I will do in Arte Land
Currently: Cut in pieces as Plant edge
In Bulk, as large plant protection and nesting materials for wildlife, instead of burning; with time will flatten,
and turn whiter the wood as well as work as fertilizer, as decomposes and also as erosion control,
nevertheless, very time consuming, the following step is to cover it with adobe (mud and water plus grass)

EXPERIMENT : Breaking of branches of the Juniper Ashei without KILLING THE BRANCH
Juniper Ashei, "Cedar"
Breaking, Bending, Shaping Branches Arte.Land